plenty of charisma, and a glint of silliness

Steve Bennett, Chortle

Very charismatic. Some very fine touches.

John Fleming

Jonathan Hearn's bricolage of comic fancies had me laughing from start to finish. One of the silliest, funniest, inventivest hours of nit-wittery I've seen.

Trevor Lock

Old-school meets weird school. Jonathan Hearn is hilarious.

David Mills

Hearn has an unconventional but intelligent style.

Katie Chapman, Three Weeks

Jon has a tightness and sleekness to his act. Carefully constructed jokes and unbreakable professionalism in any situation.

Poppy Hillstead, Ebdon Management

Very clever wordplay.

The LP Project

87% of the time [his] hair looks amazing.

Jen Wells
Jontitled - Edinburgh 2016 save
Always Jon; Never Joff - Edinburgh 2015 save
Always Jon; Never Joff - Camden 2015 save
Jonathan Hearn's Bits - Edinburgh 2013 save
Credit: Andy Biddle